Spend Golden Week, Japan's longest string of holidays,
in culinary bliss at Hibiya Park!

Four of Japan's largest food festivals are coming together!
So come on down and savor JAPAN FOOD PARK Furusato Festival 2018 - right here in Hibiya Park!



"The country's largest food festivals are coming together for an unprecedented culinary celebration featuring the following delectable gems: wagyu cuisine, utilizing only the highest-quality Japanese beef; ramen, noodle dishes with a uniquely Japanese evolution; karaage, Japanese fried chicken - a beloved b-grade delicacy; and craft beer, a popular must for any modern foodie.

Expect a vibrant array of food chefs at this enormous event intended not just for locals but visitors from all corners of the globe. This Golden Week, take a trip to happening Hibiya - location of the newly opened mega-complex ""Tokyo Midtown Hibiya"" - and sample Japan's culinary best amidst the playful summer breeze."

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Event Info

■Event Name:
JAPAN FOOD PARK in Hibiya Park with Furusato Festival
Wednesday, 5/2/2018 to Sunday, 5/6/2018 (5 days total)
Open from 11:00 to 22:00 * Start time is 16:00 for first day only. /
End time for last day is 20:00.
Hibiya Park: Fountain, Second Flower Garden
■Entrance Fee:

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